English class


During this time, we sit together as a group, and share our experiences, sing songs, read books and participate in various activities. We also learn new english vocabulary in a dynamic and fun way.

This moment, provides a time for listening, develops attention span, promotes oral communication, and learn new concepts and skills. It is a time for sensory experiences socialization and a time for fun.



  • Behavior agreements
  • Introducing ourselves
  • What day is today
  • Vocabulary
  • Flashcards activity


What's Your Name? | featuring Noodle & Pals | Super Simple Songs

Meses del año | Canción inglesa para niños



Understand the importance of recognizing themselves, their name and their age. Share with their friends so they can get to know each other better, and this way enrich the english vocabulary.



How Many Fingers? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

ABC Song | ABC Alphabet Song for Children



We will learn new vocabulary to recognize our name, age and gender. We will use flashcards and a photograph of each one of us and this way, internalize new knowledge



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