Comunidad Infantil - Marzo 9

Amazon Rainforest

We will start the week with Gross Motor Control.




Matías, Maria José, Celeste, Paloma y Sofía: Un paquete de limpia pipas verde por niño.


Miguel Ángel, Ana Victoria, Sara, Luciana y Paulina: Un paquete de limpia pipas café por niño.

During these two days we will know about 2 kinds of spiders who inhabit inside the giant Amazon rainforest:


Tarantulas are the largest spiders in the world, and the Amazonian variety is the largest of them all. We will be making some out of clay! More specifically The Goliath Tarantula!

Fishing spiders: In the Amazon Rainforest, you can find the largest of the fishing spiders that grow up to 20 cm, and possess a beautiful green color.


Imagine for a moment that you are a small fish living in a stream!






-Traer una botella completa de plástico reciclada de 2.5 litros (TRAER LA BOTELLA EL LUNES)


– Basura inorgánica de color café y negra: de paquetes, cosas que no se vayan a usar y se puedan desechar en nuestras casas (no muy grandes) o basura que encontremos en la calles, para poder llenar las botellas con ello. (TRAER LA BASURA EL JUEVES)



We will be elaborating an Anaconda made out of recycled plastic bottles and we will fill them with trash that we can bring from our house or that we picked up around our neighborhood or farms.



I spy…


We will be exploring around our AULA VIVA! We will be bringing our magnifying glasses!

We are not in the Amazon but insects are everywhere, they just vary according to kinds and environments: ants, beetles, caterpillars, butterflies, and so on.

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