Week 3 - Farm Benefits

Comunidad Infantil


Para el Jueves 27 de febrero les anticipo que los niños deben venir vestidos de granjeritos, será nuestro cierre de mes THE FARM y tendremos mucha diversión!

Every Monday we will have a review of what we did the week before. Taking a look at the crafts, play a little bit with them, and more music.


We hope to start with an excercise routine on mondays once we are more settle in our environment (hopefully soon).

As we saw last week as part of the farm, a WINDMILL can provide energy and water which is super benefitial for every human being.


For today’s activity the kids will know a BENEFIT that a farm animal brings to us, and we drink it a lot. The COW gives us MILK and a lot of dairy products.


The kids will be MILKING the UDDER of a cow. How? We will fill several sterile gloves with milk mixed with water. This will be a simulation of how farmers milk a cow, and where the milk comes from!


A very important animal in the circle of life of a farm is the egg. Eggs contain such a productive quantity of protein and other benefitial stuff that our body needs.


We will have boiled eggs which the kids will pill, then cut, and eat!


We will have flashcards and we will show them the process of where the eggs come from with Montessori Material.

CARROTS are grown by farmers and they are a very important evgetable on our daily lives!


For today we will be making a carrot cake, and we’ll get our hands messy!

For our last week studying the farm, we will have a 3D Book project!


We will design a story for the kids which will take into account what we have seen and will have each name printed on their books.


The kids will be decorating each page during 4 days starting today. Every page or group of pages will have different decorations.


P.S.: Not as professional as this image, but that’s the idea! 😀

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