Febrero 10

Comunidad Infantil

Les agradecemos por favor traer los siguientes materiales para el lunes y así poder tener listas con anterioridad las actividades de la semana:

  • 1 bolsa de algodón blanco (que ya venga en bolitas preferiblemente).
  • Corcho de vino (lo usaremos para el molino de viento, cuando unamos cada esquina del papel con una puntilla pequeña y así no haya peligro alguno de que los niños se lastimen. Cortaremos dos extremos para cada extremo de la puntilla y así esta quedará insertada).
  • Un rollo de cartón que haya quedado del papel higiénico.
  • Una botella de plástico de reciclaje cortada a la mitad, de 1.5 litros o 2.5 litros. (solo traer la mitad de abajo)

A group activity will be our best way to start the week!


We will be bringing a box, which will be similar as if it was a fence. Each child will be picking up some dirt with a shovel, and grass from our school grounds to create our PASTURE. Each child will take turns using a wheelbarrow to pick it up and bring it to our simulation of “pasture”. This, while we have some fun in the park.


Vocabulary: Pasture, dirt, grass, shovel, wheelbarrow

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir! Cotton candy balls…


The wool that sheep produce help us to stay warm with different types of clothing. We want our children to know how important they are in our everyday lives, through a craft activity: a COTTON BALL SHEEP


We will finally put our sheep in the PASTURE we created yesterday, and have some fun playing with them!


Vocabulary: Sheep, pasture, cotton.

WINDMILLS are such a productive part in the farm! Farmers pump water and generate electricity with their help, it’s quite impressive!


With the purpose that our kids know about this, we will be creating some windmills made out of white carbord. Kids will decorate them their way, and we will play out in our grounds to make them go round and round!


Vocabulary: Windmill, water, energy.

Not just in farms but in our homes, some of us with dogs! They are our pets and we love them so much!


We will be creating a DOG made out of toilet paper rolls, we will paint them and decorate them with pieces of carboard


Vocabulary: Dog, pet.


Some of us also live with cats! They are our pets and we love them so much!


This is a fun activity in which we will use recycled material: A plastic bottle. We will hopefully be planting something there in the future,, if it is not at school, then at home!


Vocabulary: Cat, plastic bottle, pet.

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